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About Paulina

A creative coaching psychologist, my background is in primary education and humanistic psychotherapy. I began working in coaching psychology, creativity and nature in 2002. I relish supporting clients in identifying and achieving visions and goals.

Using a strengths based and  flexible approach, I help people know themselves better, like themselves better, and offer tools for understanding and developmental change. Sometimes this is the goal.

Starting from where a client is in their process is a vital ingredient in successful work, and learning humility from my recent journey in South Africa helps bring this home on a deeper level, strengthening my humanity and sensitivity.

Cross cultural work is a strong thread through my work. As a young adult I was lucky enough to teach for the London Borough of Hounslow, and taught a mix of children from many different heritages. An enchanting, thought provoking and perspective widening journey began, which continues. After spending a couple of months in Budapest in the fascinating year of 1991, my first business work in 2003 was with PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Central and Eastern Europe, where I had the privilege of learning perspectives from many different cultures. My journey into South Africa from 2000, where I have just spent 6 months, has widened and enriched my perspectives further. This experience adds potency and grit to my work, enhances my qualities of curiosity and respect, deepens and widens my compassion, and adds oomph and direction to my challenge.

My own journey includes the normal ups and downs. Learning to live without a father, treasuring a newly discovered (and much loved) half sister and nephew at 46, mourning my mum at 30 and relishing teaching primary kids pre national curriculum. Discovering South Africa through wilderness beginning more of a decade of adventuring and starting a community development non profit there. Returning to my first loves of nature and creating things and finding "I can!" Changing my name at 53 and feeling "I'm home now." These are just a few examples.

What has helped me heal and learn from the tough stuff has been the high quality psychological processes I have been lucky enough to find, both for work and personal development. This is different from the priceless and vital support of colleagues, family and friends. My willingness to learn how to grow through joy as well as from tough experiences helped. Hearing hard-to-hear feedback about myself from people on my side was invaluable. So did determination which can get me into trouble too: its a nice example of many of our qualities having a positive and negative polarity.  I had a double commitment:; to get to know, love, accept and influence myself and live my life being true to myself, and to use my experience, knowledge and training to help others influence and enhance themselves and their lives and, most importantly, discover who they are at the deepest level, and help them learn tools make choices that foster wellbeing, success and fulfilment.

Qualifications and Training

Over eight years of training led to my Graduation from the Spectrum Course for Humanistic Psychotherapy in 2002

1991 BA Honours (Open) . Psychology. ( 2.1)  

1977 Certificate in Education, English and History 

1974 Certificate in Preliminary Residential Child Care (a preliminary social work qualification).

I am committed to continuing professional development in stress management, formative work and coaching, and I undertake regular supervision.

Professional Membership:
I am a graduate member of the British Psychological Society, and a member of their Coaching Section.

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PaulinaAs a creative person with a passion for nature and conservation, I work intuitively and experientially. My humanistic background and commitment means that I am focused on you and your work, and at the same time am aware that I too am on a journey and will share my experience when this feels in the service of your aims. My interest is in supporting you with sustainable growth, development and achievements."Bush buck"Bushbuck. After a special and private encounter with the bushbuck in the iMfolosi wilderness in 2005 the words 'wild heart" came to me. Over years a depth of meaning became clear. The theme is authenticity, connectedness, heart and respect. When we have connection with the whole of nature, which we are part of, and are in touch with our completeness, we have the ability to act aptly for ourselves, others and the world.

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